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 my second Gryphon

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PostSubject: my second Gryphon   my second Gryphon EmptyFri May 29, 2009 8:13 am

(ok i am going to only make this one and Sky and wait for like ever probaly never make a third one.)
Breed:Forest Gryphon
Personality:A beautiful gryphon,loves to treat everyone the same,and love to be in groups with any species,and kind,and personality.She is a sleek and fast Gryphon.
Height:about 9 1/2 half feet tall to the head
Length:counting tail about 15 feet but not vcounting tail:11 1/2 Ft
Wing Span:Her wings span would normally be about two wings long but since she lives in forested areas she has to maneuver through tight spaces and vines,and it would be a shorter wingspan.
my second Gryphon Nfqha_16
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my second Gryphon
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