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 Jace..... yummy

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PostSubject: Jace..... yummy   Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:11 am

Name: Jace (jay- sssss)

Age: 15

Breed: Shadowhunter (they kill demons and evil things but arent immortal)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: changes from jade green to sky blue

Hair Color: beautiful blonde, like gold <3 (sigh)

Markings: none

Personality: a plain gorgeous guy, Jace is a complete badass. he is sarcastic and funny, but wont lie. he flirts alot, but he is hard to get. he is interested in girls, but not as much as he is interested in his music and his calling (shadow hunting). Jace can play guitar and drums and he sings too. (he is frggin hott. i read a book with this character in it and i visualised ihim as the gorgeous lead singer of Crooked X, Forrest French. delicious.)


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Jace..... yummy
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