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 Poor, yet Happy me..??

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PostSubject: Poor, yet Happy me..??   Sat May 16, 2009 12:14 am

Hello, you know me as Nightsky or Night,
Well, im going to TN for my Cousin's graduation and i am bring my Computer, but theres a pool at our hotel and more so i am gonna be swimming and enjoy life more then im on the computer.

So Kiba,Deathrow,Eris,Lostdreams, and the rest, i will see you Monday or sooner so until then
Later, buh bye, Good' bye , Yo! im leaveing ...bye!!!!!

Since im going away for a couple days i wont be able to smack kiba so here it goes -SMACKS KIBA-
Oh! and yesteray he bite me and ran away *cough*chicken*cough* so he deserves a good bite -BITES KIBA-
everyone , i shall talk to you later

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Poor, yet Happy me..??
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