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 Ally, Alic

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Ally, Alic Empty
PostSubject: Ally, Alic   Ally, Alic EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 2:16 am

name: Ally
Breed: Shap Shifter
Age: 21
Gender: girl
Hair Color: none she dies it almost every day
Eye color: blue
Markiings: a butterfly tattao on her cheek and another on her back and when she's in her hawk form she's got a scar over her eye from fighting with a another hawk
personality:she's sweet kind and gentle not easaly pissed off as her brother Alic but she likes to fight him just to calm him down (she kicks his butt bc she can change and he can't)

name: Alic
Breed: Human
Age: 21
Gender: male
Hair Color: black
Eye color: black
Markiings: none other then a few scars from fighting Ally (his twin) he's also Amber's exBF but now their friends w/ benifits
personality:he's pissed off easly and will kick any humans butt if it's nessasary
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Ally, Alic
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