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 Adeline Kenyon

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PostSubject: Adeline Kenyon   Adeline Kenyon EmptyWed May 06, 2009 5:50 am

Adeline Kenyon 27001110
Adeline Kenyon
Age 17
Has blue eyes in her human and Anthro form,and green in her tiger form.
Has blonde hair in human form and in anthro form,
She is a calm and just person, unless you tick her off.She helps people out, even though she might not want to.
She is kinda flirty, and outgoing.She will fight for what she believes is right.
She is a mixture of both just, fair, kind and a mixture of mean.

Tiger form;
Adeline Kenyon Amur_t10

Anthro form;
Adeline Kenyon Rowr_f11
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Adeline Kenyon
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