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 Xenosu Katoran

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PostSubject: Xenosu Katoran   Xenosu Katoran EmptyTue May 05, 2009 6:03 am

Xenosu Katoran
Xeno, Nos, Tora
Age 18
Dark brown hair
Has yellow eyes in tiger form, green eyes in anthro form, and hazel eyes in human form
Xenosu is a fighter. He loves a good battle, especially when it gets his blood in a frenzy. He is usually in a good mood, smiling a lot(though that's not always a good thing in his case..). Another thing Xeno likes to do other than fighting is to sit at a bar and hang with people. He also likes to drink blood, even though he isn't a vampire. He just likes the taste and the abundance of it. Xeno likes the single life, and he isn't yet looking for a relationship. That doesn't mean that he won't flirt with the girls, he just won't let it become too serious..

Human Form:
Xenosu Katoran Cute_g10

Tiger Form:
Xenosu Katoran Tiger_10

Anthro Form:
Xenosu Katoran Tiger_11
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Xenosu Katoran
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