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 Kale Farsinner

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PostSubject: Kale Farsinner   Kale Farsinner EmptyFri May 01, 2009 11:24 am

Kale Farsinner
Age 18
Black/brown hair
Brown eyes
Kale's past has forced him to be secretly ashamed of drinking blood. Even though he doesn't like to do it, he has to in order to survive. He is ususally very good at controlling how much he drinks, but sometimes he can snap and go into a blood lust, unable to stop himself or control his thirst. Since Kale doesn't like to discriminate, against either sex or species, he is a bisexual. He likes to try and smile and have fun, but he can sometimes become quiet and aloof, hanging off to the side.

Kale Farsinner It_end10

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Kale Farsinner
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