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 Kiera the shapeshifter with a story

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Kiera the shapeshifter with a story Empty
PostSubject: Kiera the shapeshifter with a story   Kiera the shapeshifter with a story EmptyFri Mar 13, 2009 3:43 am


Breed: Shapeshifter

Age:18 in human years

Gender: Female

Eye color: Changes with her mood .

Markings: Depends on her form

Personality: Sweet,yet mean,friendly,yet not friendly.She is strong and weak at the same time.

Her Mom was a shapeshifter and her Dad was a warlock(witch).Her Mother was sweet, kind and loving.Her father was quite the oppistite , he had fallen out of love with her mom , a year after they married.He went to bars and soon fell in love with a witch named Dalie.They got together and he soon went to dump keira's mom.He walked to her room and banged open the door,when she saw him, she cryed.He looked at her weird .
She then said this "Im pregnant" he was mad and she didnt know about his new love.He told Dalie and she was furious ,he wanted the child and she didnt ,she was confused .She thought he wanted his wife and not her.She then went to bed and so did he .Though she was faking.She woke and made a plan ,a plan to destroy his wife ,him and their child (keira) .Many months later ,Keira was born.Dalie was ready and had thought over her plan carefully.She mixed up a poison and poured it into, Kiera's Dad's , drink .She laughed and walked to the living room .She brought him the drink and he smiled.He gently took a sip of the drink and then a few more .Dalie laughed evilly and he fell to the ground ,the drink landing on the carpet .She then walked to the kitchen and pulled out a sharp knife that she had hidden from keira's dad.She zapped herself to Keira's Moms house.As she slowly and catiously walked into keira's baby room and said "Well ,well, I see your husband was right .Your baby is ...beautiful" Keiras mom turned around and held her baby in her hands .Clutching Keira ,her mom yelled "Go Away!",but Dalie grew closer,closer ,She lifted her knife and went to stab Keiras mom.Keiras mom then transformed her daughter into a animal and was stabbed as her child dropped to the ground.Dalie then left the knife in Keiras mom and picked up Keira and said "Child you are helpless and I shall not spare you"She zapped keira to kill her, but Keiras mom had put a sheild of love on Keira .Dalie knew she could never kill Keira .She then thought and said a spell on Keira.She said thuis after the spell "Shapeshifter you Shall be ,but human you shall not.You can never be a human again " She threw Keira down and zapped off. Keira was left for months in a corner ,the police never knew it was Keira .Many animals helped take care of Keira for years .Teaching her to transform and hunt and pounce and much more.She grew up ,she never knew what happened .She doesnt know she was a human or that she had a mom or dad .She lost her memory and grew a new memory of being an animal.She has a unquie story that she will never know.
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Kiera the shapeshifter with a story
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