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 ~*~Twilight ~*~

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PostSubject: ~*~Twilight ~*~   ~*~Twilight ~*~ EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 10:10 am

~*~Twilight ~*~ Twilig10(bella to come soon)

Name: Edward Cullen

Breed: Vampire

Age: 18 (in vampire years maybe a 100?)


Hair Color: Brown and Red.

Eye color: Black when thristy and gold when satisfied


Story: When he was a child he was diagnosed with Spanish influanza.He was not able to be treated,he was t=for sure to die..Though , in that hospital was a man named Carlisle he was a vampire and had learned to control himself that he was able to become a DR. he loved it so as he loved to learn.He then adopted Edward , since he knew his parents were dead as they had died at the hospital.He then raised Edward as his friend and they were now both vampires.Edward had rebelled against Carlisle because hebelieved in feeding on animals rather then people .Edward hen after a bit sat off on his own.Though he soon returned realizing Carlisle was right.I as life went on Carlisle met Esme,they fell and soon married .Taking in vampires .As time went on .Now it is to this point.Edward is on his own for now.Wanting to explore and escape for a bit.He is now here ,not sure why or whatever but he was here and that was it.(i could have wrote his whole story but my neck hurts)
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~*~Twilight ~*~
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